Wanzhanxing Apparel CO. LTD. is a BSCI certified factory,one of the leading companies in the seamless shapewear industry in China. We are a full-service company that can handle all of your needs on top of the actual product itself. We provide our customers with premium Seamless shapewear, basic daily underwear, sportswear, and sustainable maternity products, to combine world-class customer service.

We can design and manufacture hang tags, any type of packaging or branded packing materials, cold pad printing, stamp labeling, heat transfer custom labeling, barcoding, and more... We can even share some of our photos and videos with you so that you don't even have to worry about a photoshoot!

If you require any specific information or would like to get in touch with one of our sales representatives, you can reach us via email, phone, or WhatsApp. The best and fastest way to reach our sales representatives is to send an email.

Design Department

Design and sample making: Our senior design team can providing independent design and 7-day quick proofing, The rich experience enables the design team to accurately grasp the product size and style of seamless clothing.They are always been dedicated to helping customers realize their ideas.

Welcome to the factory to choose the new design scheme suitable for your brand, you can also provide pictures or design draft to our team to customize products.

Intelligent seamless production workshop

Seamless industry leading technology intelligent weaving workshop, with 8 sizes of SANTONI seamless machines imported from Italy from 12 inches to 19 inches, they can produce a variety of sizes and Plus sizes.

Multiple quality inspection services

Multiple quality inspection services: In the seamless weaving workshop, every piece of products through a comprehensive manual quality inspection, to ensure that there are no defects.After cutting and sewing, a second manual inspection is carried out to ensure that the dimensions and details of the products are up to standard.After packaging, the product will be inspected by the machine to ensure product safety.Finally, QC will spot check before shipment to ensure that all goods conform to your brand standards.

Environmental protection dyeing, tie-dye technical services

WanzhanXing seamless garment Industry Co., Ltd. adhering to the concept of ecological and environmental protection, all products are environmentally friendly dyeing process. The company's newly developed seamless tie-dye technology is derived from China's unique traditional manual dyeing technology, and now this ancient technology has become the innovative dyeing service project of the factory through high-tech machines, to provide more fashionable design technical services for your products.

Brand customization service

Brand customization service: We can provide personalized service for your brand,custom your Logo , Packing, Logo tag , ect.

Professional customer service team

Professional customer service team: The team is made up of experienced customer service personnel, who will provide you with professional coordination and communication services related to customization, production, delivery, etc.The customer service team provides one-to-one butler service so that you can contact us whenever you need.

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